Finances Without Paystubs

Good Luck with this one!  Until you have a good two year history as a self employed individual, most banks will look at you like a hairy three-eyed monster when you come in asking for virtually any type of loan.  Apply for that refinance on your mortgage or new car loan before you quit your ” normal” job.  And make sure you can cover it still before you quit also.
To prove my point and to speak from genuine experience, I asked my credit union, which i aalread am in good standing with, for a mere  $ 1, 000.  i knew going in if they approved i would leave to ” think it over” and not take it, but I wanted to see the process. I was asked for 6 0 days worth of bank statements to show my direct deposits, which was a waste of my time; after an hour they explained to me that i could try after  tax season.
I’m not sure f you can even pull a payday loan with your 1099 income.  Leave a comment if you’ve been successful in obtaining any type or size of loan with less than 2 years of 1099 tax  returns.
Luckily for the rideshare driver, many auto dealerships have deals worked out with major companies like Lyft and Uber since vehicles are what makes the business go. If you drive rideshare on another platform, drop me some comments below on the car lease, rent, or purchase agreements available to you.
This is a big one.  Many W2 jobs have retirement benefits available to heir employees – 401k or stock options… when collecting pay for 1099, you assume full responsibility for saving for your retirement years all on your own.
Check Back for some viable savings options. ***coming  Soon
 Health Care
Same scenario are the retirement fund, its up to you to to shop for and cover expenses of your own health, dental, vision, and life insurances. If you’re just getting started and make less than 47,,000 healthcare. gov is the place to start.  Get over whatever ideas you have about whats out there and get looking.  There are some companies

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