No more Instacart for ME! and why…

Frankly, I am bored of Instacart. I get bored when I’m NOT MAKING ENOUGH MONEY.

The last few times I did Instacart were not so bad. The final Sunday I cleared $24 an hour. But it was irradicated by the next day when I was sitting with my thumb up my ass at Whole Foods for 6 hours. That $11 an hour guarantee goes by weekly hours, not daily- which means your good days mean nothing extra for you.

The only thing I want from a job

Is to stay busy so I can get paid!

I was signed up to work that entire week. Instead I quit early on my Monday shift and cancelled the rest of the shifts for the week. I felt like I was wasting my time. I was bored.

You can’t Uber in between orders, because just like Uber, you don’t know when the next one will come or how long it will take.

I don’t like that. At least with Uber you can quit for the day at will or move on to another area.

What got me fed up enough to quit was knowing that my $24 an hour from the day before was becoming just $11 an hour for the week as my time not doing nothing was being paid by the money I already earned. That is a sucky pay model.

Also, their shift picking is a bit tricky. You have the first 6 weeks (if I remember correctly) where you are automatically allowed to pick as soon as the schedule opens, to be fair to the future scheduling process.

After 6 weeks you need to have a certain number of hours per week or per weekend, avg across 3 weeks, to qualify for the first pick round of the upcoming schedule. Gosh, I don’t remember the hours needed, if you work for Instacart or still have access to that information- comment below would ya?

I couldn’t qualify

Initially I was only interested in working just enough shifts to explain how it works to others. Then I wanted to try a few other things to see how they worked.

I wanted to see what it takes to make decent money.

So I wasn’t working Instacart full time and I definitely wasn’t giving it my weekends. I did work 2 Sundays to see what that double fire was about; one was a bust.

I tried different days and different times and different locations, to obtain a variety of information. But I never worked enough to qualify to get first pick of the upcoming shifts after those 6 weeks.

I already wasn’t staying busy enough to stick with it when I was picking busy days and times, so I didn’t bother working Instacart any more.

I quit

And I let Instacart know why.

The company sent me a few emails, in pretty generic fashion addressing the issues I had repeatedly informed them of. If they had reached out to me personally and truly, I may have tried a little more so I could share the experience. However, they did not; so I moved on.

Would I work with Instacart again?

Probably not. It is a valid job, guaranteeing $11 an hour. The gas use isn’t bad really because you don’t burn nearly as much as you do driving Uber for about the same money. This also leaves less miles to claim during tax season… that’s a topic for another day.

But, I’m on to bigger things. $11 an hour is not what I’m looking to get from my efforts. If I was in need, sure I would return to a job I know I could have that would earn enough to get by.

If you like Instacart

That’s good. I’m not knocking it entirely. I’m just being honest about how it works and the fact that yes, I have determined that it is not for me.



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