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I’ve been officially driving using the Lyft platform for about a month at this point; although, I had been approved some nearly 2 months prior. I postponed completing my inspection and training with Lyft out of sheer procrastination.  I say that, but on top of taking care of my family and home, initially I was still working full time at the hospital and part time with Uber and a little at Amazon Flex. Being that I was nearly doubling my income already and was very busy every day, I didn’t see the need to make it a priority.  But alas, I have an audience to consider now and I want my reviews to be authentic, from real experiences.  So i got it done.
Lyft is a technologies company rooted in doing right by all parties involved, they have initiative to create jobs – especially for women, they have a charitable program, they are expanding the platform to include ”premier’ – more stylish rides for passengers and more money for drivers with nicer vehicles, passengers often tip through the app, and of course you have the luxury of working when you want.
I have to say Lyft reigns supreme when looking for a company that cares about the drivers.  After talking to many other drivers while being the passenger and through forums online, I have heard nothing except good things and some even have said that Lyft changed their lives. I haven’t had much need for customer service from them, but everyone at the training/ inspection appointment was super friendly; for this reason, i tend to seek a Lyft first when I need a lift.
As a “Lyft Driver” important to know that you are not employed by Lyft.  Remember, we are covering 1099 jobs here.  Lyft has expenses on their end… app development, bandwidth to maintain, and employees that make it all happen, plus insurance and building expenses; if you understand properly here, you will see that Lyft works for you.
WHAT?? I thought I was working for Lyft?!?
Lyft provides a means of connecting someone who needs a ride with someone willing to provide that transportation, for a fee.  Lyft is a tool for you to use to increase your income.
Lyft also provides some training for the rules in
I have yet to spend a full week solely focused on Lyft, largely due to my desire to reduce my city driving.  Here in my area Lyft has yet to bloom in the suburbs.  I have picked up suburban passengers and I dual platform in the suburbs to decrease wait times between rides, sadly the competition is busier.  My 30 days is coming up fast; I have a week left to complete 60 rides and earn my sign-on bonus of $100.   So, this week I will be spending in the city to complete that bonus and add more content here.  Right now they’re offering up to $500, depending on the market area

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