Rideshare New Driver Bonuses

Put that car to work making money for you!

Of all app-based work I have done, rideshare is by far the thing I enjoy the most.  The flexibility cannot be beaten.  I enjoy meeting people from all around the world and having personal conversations with them about a variety of interesting topics. No two rides are the same.  Enjoy it for yourself and get a bonus for being a new driver with my referrals.

Uber New Driver Bonus

Uber has a different bonus for every city and it changes periodically based on needs… or something.  Truly, only Uber knows, but they do go as high as $1,000 at times.  You will know right away in the sign-up process how much they are offering.  Uber does not keep a list published, but you can ask them. 

If you recently signed up for Uber and didn’t have a referral bonus code, you can request one retroactively.

Go to Account-> Help-> Payments and Rewards-> Driver Referrals -> Report a missing driver referral or Submit an Inquiry
You may be asked to provide more information on your referrer.
My Name: (Kate) Katherine Ahrens
Email: kat@1099workershub.com
Phone: 815-546-8610

Lyft New Driver Bonus

Lyft bonuses also go up to $1,000 and vary by location.  You can ask them if you’d like to know what the current bonus is for your area, or simply putting in your info in the sign-up process will tell you.


UZURV is a third-party app that Uber and Lyft drivers can use to develop regular, repeat clientele.  This is especially useful if you are in more rural communities where business is not always busy!  Also for lady drivers, like me, who don’t always feel safe picking up strangers.  Make good use of UZURV and you’ll soon know your riders before you pick them up!  Your passengers can also add a pre-trip tip as an incentive for the scheduled ride.

The app is also a good way to help plan your driving time and reduce the time out wandering, hoping for a ride.


I can’t tell you much about Juno except that they began in New York and are planning expansion.


I am not currently driving with VIA.  What I know about them is that you need to have a new, black car with leather interior.  They are in Chicago and I don’t know where else at this time.


If you sign-up for any programs based on my referral, I will do what I can to help answer questions for you; you may email me at the above address.  If your questions are regarding fare or pay or legislation in your area, you should contact the company you are driving with.


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