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Thank You

I’m still in shock. I have over 70 subscribers on YouTube from just 25 videos of me blabbing away and talking excessively.  This small accomplishment is next to nothing, yet huge for one less than four months into an online world.

This is truly a work in progress.  I’ve been mentally stuck in “Learning Mode”; it’s that place between an idea and making it happen… I study then follow, but I learn.  The one thing I don’t do is… do.  As a result, there have been no new videos and no blog posts.  Most noteworthy is my lack of continuance on one thing.

I’ve narrowed myself to about 5 projects and now am nearing the ability to put a short amount of time on each per week to keep them all going.   I am the epitome of my astrological definitions… from the classic horoscope to Native American traditions to the Chinese Horoscope; as much as I want to believe in nothing, they have me pegged.  I am addicted to learning and have a multitude interests.

However, One Can Only Do So Much

I’ve had to decide what is important to me.  What I’m willing to do.  What is actually profitable.

I’m going to leave this right here, for now, full of posts with insufferable readability, equally insufferably long-winded.

I’ve fulfilled my time allowance for this blog for today.  I have much to edit and more information to share.


Upcoming Topics

*Auditing apps

*Online marking for offline business

*Using WordPress

*Amount of efforts needed to succeed

*Reviews of online marketers



*What I’m doing

*What I’ve quit



*Adventures in website building

*Wix vs. WordPress


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