Uber Creeper

I got a request for ride, it was 11 minutes away, but my day had not been especially busy.  I accepted.

The rider calls and asks how far away I am.  I reply almost 5 miles. “Ok, I’ll wait for you then.” Um… ok.  I hope so, because you asked for the ride, yes?  I’m dispatched because I am the closest to you, you wait for me, or you wait longer.

Upon arrival to the man’s pick up location, a man approaches me.  I am not 100% certain if he is my passenger, but I open my window a few inches to speak to him.  And I make the mistake of asking “Are you Sam?” I should have a.  used the wrong name or b. propose the question to make him state his name.

Passenger: “Yeah, that’s me.  Do you wanna come up?”

Me: “Uh… no.  I thought you needed a ride.”

Passenger: “Well I didn’t call for a ride though, I need a massage.”

Me: “Oh I thought this was apartment; I didn’t realize it was a salon.”

Passenger:  “Oh no, this is my place.  You could come in.”

Me: “No, I don’t do that.  I’m an Uber driver, not a masseuse.”

Passenger: “Well where to then?”

Me: “Um… No where.  (check the door locks) I don’t know what you’re up to, but you’re scaring me and I’m leaving.”

Window up… get the hell out of dodge.

Report dangerous situation and fraudulent rider immediately.  I still have not heard anything in regard to my report. Usually Uber is back to me right away. But no… nothing.

This is maybe the scariest passenger moment I have had. Watch your asses… especially the ladies.

Much Love


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