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Uber is a technologies company, not a transportation company.  When you E-Hail a ride using the Uber app, you are not taking an Uber… You are taking a ride with an independent contractor,  who is sharing their personal vehicle with you and using technology provided by Uber to connect with your need for a ride in exchange for their ability to provide one.
As a driver, YOU ARE NOT EMPLOYED BY UBER.  You are in fact agreeing to be an independent contractor and to paying them to provide you with the means to connect with people who have needs that you can fulfill through technology development and support, payment processing from customer and to our paychecks, we pay them for insurance, for dealing with municipalities that make what we’re doing legal, we pay for  driver guidelines, advice, and maybe most importantly -for BRANDING.
Many drivers complain about the 20-25% being given to Uber for these services or question why they are paying a company to work for them or they complain about Uber’s rules and guidelines.  I am not one of those people who complain; I’m actually a tad bit jealous that I didn’t think of it first.  I see the value in the service they have created for me as a driver, for passengers, and even for emissions across the planet.   While, yes, as a self-employed person, you want to be able to do what you want, those guidelines create a brand to be marketed; knowing what to expect from a business is what brings the customers to us.  That Uber brand keeps me busy when I’m on the roads and I appreciate that.
For reviewing purposes, I have to say that Uber is my favorite way to exchange time for money.  I have had no issues with not being paid or with not getting a response from Uber when I email them.  I do however wish there was other alternatives to contacting them.  Somethings are best held in a real time conversation.  There are three Greelight Hubs in Chicago, but that means time off the road and for me and many, it’s quite a drive to get there, in traffic that makes me want to go home immediately.
I have seldom had an issue with the app running poorly.  In fact only once in these past 4 months since I began.  (Yes, I’m sure there will be driver’s out here right now scoffing at me for still honeymooning on Uber, but I assure you, I just simply look at this through the mind of an entrepreneur and marketer and not for any grandiose idea of the millions I can make driving my car – because you can’t.)
Over all my biggest complaint with Uber is that they do not have in-app tipping.  It’s just silly not to.  Customer’s have told me they wish they could tip me in the app and many have tipped me in cash anyway.  Driver’s everywhere are begging for it.  So why not?  Geezus.  Take the best things from the competition and add them to what you have and you get an all around win, no?  Plus, cash tips remove that all important safety feature of no cash exchange.
I like the way that earnings are displayed and now they have improved the way the incentives are displayed in the app, which has been my favorite added feature; there’s nothing worse than busting your ass and thinking you earned some bonus money only to find you miscounted and now you are left feeling screwed.
The rating system is LAME.  We all love ratings.  We all love reviewing products and services that we love and we love complaining when service is poor.  What the customer sees is a 5 star system that displays – EXCELLENT – GOOD – OKAY – BAD – TERRIBLE.  And most people feel like everything they get is only GOOD, but GOOD to Uber 4 stars actually means you can be removed from their platform.  If you want the very best advice for keeping those 5 star ratings coming, I have to suggest that you get Maximum Ridesharing Profits from the link at the bottom of this page.   This was created by a guy who was ridesharing before it was cool.  I admit, I didn’t just start getting 5 stars myself without help, but I do get a lot of 5 stars thanks to having his advice before I even hit the roads.
5 stars = good       4.3.2 starts = bad      and 1 star = dangerous.
Some things I dislike about Uber, and the competition has something similar, is Uber Pool.  I don’t dislike it for the pay, you still get $1.70 as base fare and 90 cent per mile and 20 cent per minute, regardless of what anyone tells you, this is the money you earn for all rides, regardless of what is charged to the passenger.  You will never know if that passenger is using a promo for a free ride, has refund credit, on some $2 flat rate ride or is another driver who always gets 15% off their rides… because Uber creates a payment plan for the driver separate from the customer’s bill.  But that’s another subject.
I don’t like pool because it’s just irritating.  I have had two situations where my passengers did not like each other and another where I had a 4′ tall, tiny woman screaming at me because she didn’t want to ride with other passengers.  -For the record I explained to her that if she cancelled and ordered Uber X instead she would get a private car, but she insisted on taking it anyway.  It was her first Uber and maybe her last.
While I’m glad that auto adding passengers has saved me from the argument with the first passenger in about not “just not accepting” add-on passengers to the ride, I hate that often it doesn’t signal me properly that someone has been added, or the 2 requests came in so close together that it didn’t give notification of the second, or it went unnoticed because I was helping my customer get her walker into the car (this actually happened), then suddenly the map is redirecting the route and the passenger in the car is asking where we are going… UGH.  I also hate that now so many driver’s are refusing Uberpool that often when you get one in it out of the way or a long distance.  Right now Uberpool is a sore spot for every driver.
I make $800 or more every week with Uber because I know where to go and how to work it and usually I make sure to get the incentive for the week.  Uber keeps me busy.  Their marketing has made the Uber brand almost synonymous with the term rideshare. They have an easy and clean user interface application.

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