The Honeymoon is Over – Why I am sick of Uber

I have grown tired working rideshare with Uber… oh where do I begin?

I love Uber. For a long list of reasons, but completely for changing my mind about how I want to live my life and what is possible.

What I’m tired of is sitting in my car. Waiting. Just like Instacart, I’m not making money if I don’t have a customer.

Times have changed for Uber

The company’s push to constantly be getting new drivers on the road has caused a supply and demand change.

There is rarely surge anywhere. Even in the city of Chicago, I don’t see what I was seeing just a few months ago. And the suburbs, well I used to be able to move from one ride to the next one town to the next with just a bit of waiting in between; the days were fairly steady. Now, I go online and sit and sit and sit. Sometimes I’ve gone 2 hours with nothing.

If it wasn’t for making use of the downtime like I am right this minute… I’d go crazy.

I’m at the airport waiting lot for O’Hare now. It’s 3 am. It’s cold. I’ve been here long enough for another gray hair to appear.

This isn’t the busiest time of day. But I came here because even in the city I wasn’t getting any pings.

Sometimes I’m glad to get a long trip from the airport, but then it’s a long way back and low chance of getting another ping. What I really hate though is waiting for 30 minutes to an hour at the airport to take someone to the entertainment district 4 miles away.

I Love MOST of my Passengers

I hate pumping gas in the frigid temperatures.

I hate burning fuel.

The dirty part of my job.

I hate the wear on my cute lil RAV4. Believe me, the streets of Chicago have eaten up my suspension!! Plus, I’ve put some $1,600 work into my vehicle and the suspension will be about another $1,200.

I am a talk radio type. Off radio. Or I like classical, jazz, 50’s, Christmas music, alternative rock, chicks who rock, and girly girl singer songwriters, easy mellow stuff…. I hate when people want to use my aux cable- and insist I turn up the volume super loud for some shitty modern bullshit that’s all bass. I want to stab my ears with chopsticks when I have to tolerate their rap about bitches hoes and fucking. Meanwhile, they’re like “yeah you like it don’t you?” “it’s dope right?”. Sure thing. Not once have I gotten a tip for that. I think I’ll hide that aux cable now.

I hate also when people touch my radio without asking. I will let you. Just don’t be fucking rude. Don’t put your feet on my dash either… we aren’t married.

Don’t get me wrong 99% of people are totally chill. I dig it when it stays busy and the money is rolling. That 1% kills me though.

Winter is Here

Part of my disgruntlement comes purely from the winter. Seriously I hate being cold. I’m the type that is always cold. So when it’s frigid, I’m sleeping in layered sweats and keeping a scarf on in the house, while carrying a blanket.

Imagine using a porta-john when it’s -17 windchill. I carry Lysol wipes and sanitizer with me to public bathrooms, so this porta-john is with wet hands.

Now there’s the walk to said public bathrooms. And pumping gas outside in the cold. And turning the car off to conserve fuel while waiting- until I’m shivering so bad I can’t take it anymore.

I have on 2 coats and a scarf. That does nothing for my legs and feet.

Have I mentioned I hate public bathrooms?

Try finding one in the city, with somewhere safe and free to park. After 9 or 10 pm those that have bathrooms shut them down. Honestly, who believes every restaurant and gas station in a 20 mile radius all have out of order bathrooms?

When you do find an open bathroom, good luck, it may be a crime scene.

Right now, I could probably go, but I won’t because it’s porta-john central here and I’m not going to die if I don’t. I just won’t drink anything until a ride takes me to the suburbs or I go home.

I’m sure I’m over my word limit for proper SEO and I will be reprimanded by yoast. So this concludes “what I hate about Uber” for today.

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